Idube Safaris


Idube Safaris was founded because we are passionate about the African bushveld experience and love sharing it with others. Our extensive experience enables us to provide packages and services that are sure to address all you need. We offer the opportunity for hunters to come and explore Africa’s rich diversity of wildlife, savannah grasslands, majestic mountains and the bushveld.
Trophy hunting is a way of life for us. We not only enjoy the thrill of the hunt, but also the picturesque landscapes and relaxing at a waterhole. We are blessed to spend time in awe of God’s creation, and we invite you, your friends and family to come and experience the beauty that Africa has to offer.

Our mission is conservation through hunting to perpetuate God’s gift to us and all future generations while also exceeding the expectations of every client we touch.


Conservation through hunting is our motto. Ultimately, by applying proper management to the environment, South Africa is one of the finest conservation models in the world.  


When debating on hunting, a point often overlooked is that trophy hunting has also been credited with facilitating the recovery of species. The southern white rhinoceros grew from just 50 animals a century ago to over 11,000 wild individuals today. This is because hunts give game ranchers a financial incentive to reintroduce animals.

Similarly, trophy hunting has also driven the reintroduction of cape mountain zebra and black wildebeest. Trophy hunting typically take 2 to 5 percent of males annually from hunted animal populations. This has a negligible effect on the populations’ reproductive health.

People are often confused by the “benefit” of hunting, imagining it is about money going to local people. Surely this is important, particularly in remote communal areas with few other revenue options. But the most important benefit from an African conservation perspective is that trophy hunting maintains vast areas of land for wildlife. This is invaluable in an ever more human-dominated world.

With this in mind, you can form part of something great and contribute to a better tomorrow.