Idube Safaris

A fantastic one and most memorable experience

I would like to acknowledge the fine job that Gert and his staff at Idube Safari did while my family and I were hunting with him. I was nervous about bringing my wife and 2 boys, 7 and 9, to South Africa to hunt and learn more about Africa. But my fears were quickly put to rest when Gert met us at the airport with a smile and assured confidence. We had a long drive from the airport which allowed us to ask many questions. Gert answered each one with patients and much knowledge. He also had picked us up dinner to carry us over until we reached the lodge.- That was much appreciated because it would’ve been a much longer ride with 2 young kids without food…

That evening when we reached the lodge we were met with smiling faces and welcoming conversation from the staff and fellow Americans which again helped to put me at easy and enjoy the beautiful country and sounds of the night with a nice camp fire and drinks. Gert filled us in on the next day’s plans and we went to bed in a most comfortable bed!

While hunting I’ve never had a more professional guide. Again he answered many questions from my boys who were very enthusiastic about all the sights and new experiences. But when it came to the actual hunt, this is where Gert and his tracker really shone! They not only put us on animals quickly, but explained the differences between them and pointed out trophies as we went. The spot and stalk was exhilarating and made it all worth the wait. Gert knew exactly what to do, when to and how to get it done for my whole family! Even both my boys got trophies!

The whole trip was a great experience for my whole family! The kicker is that usually, when we go on vacations I usually have to worry about the kids and the occasional disagreement with my wife. But with Gert and his staff I didn’t have to worry about anything. The boys had a very nice pool to swim in, people to explore and talk to, and my wife and I got along great. The food was excellent, drinks of all types plentiful and conversation was memorable.

The only down side is that it is over too fast! Before we knew it our hunt had come to an end. All our wish list had been filled, except for 1, but that was not Gert’s fault. My 7yr wasn’t fast enough on his shot.

We are slowing saving our money again for another go around, when the boys get a bit older, but we all reminisce quit often.

I want to say thank you to Gert, his tracker and staff for making the whole experience a fantastic one and most memorable for all of us.

If anyone has any questions, reservations, etc… I would be happy to answer them.

Kindest Regards,

Jeremy Milks

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