Idube Safaris

A lifelong passion for returning back

When my husband, Mike and I booked our first trip to South Africa in 2013, we had no idea how that one action would turn into a lifelong passion for returning back, year after year. The anticipation and excitement of each new trip back to our “2nd home” is as strong as if it were our first. We love watching for animals on the way to camp and taking in the sounds and views of the African Bushveld are beyond comparison.

Naturally, any hunting trip should include an experienced Professional Hunter who knows and understands the land and its many animal species. We found exactly those outstanding qualities in Juan. We felt so fortunate to have him on our first trip, and from then on, we knew he would be our Professional Hunter every time we came back. His knowledge and experience are truly unmatched, in our opinion. Each animal we have hunted has been trophy quality. Juan has been there to calm our nerves as we attempt to take the perfect shot and he is there to celebrate our victories. Each adventure we take with Juan leaves lasting memories that propel us towards our next trip. It is truly hard to put into words the admiration and respect we have for him.

Although we have been there several times before, we continue to experience the wonder and beauty that South Africa offers. Once in camp, the hospitality shown could not be more welcoming and comfortable. The accommodations surpass all our expectations. From the crackling fires to warm you at the beginning of the day, to the bountiful tables of delicious food, with laughter and good stories at day’s end. Each day is as wonderful as the last.

We end each trip the same way we start… planning for our next trip back to South Africa and Idube Safaris.

Mike and Karla Krey
Stacy, Minnesota

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