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Once in a lifetime dream

I took what was supposed to me my once in a lifetime dream hunt to South Africa from the United States in 2018. FYI you can go hunting in South Africa cheaper than a trip to Disney World or an Elk hunt in western US.

My professional hunter was Juan Malan. Several things come to mind. Frist I am going back. That is in part due to lifelong fascination with hunting and seeing Africa which far exceeded any expectations going into the trip. Secondly, it has to do with Juan and how he conducted our hunt. All trips have their situations come about. Juan’s response was ‘we will get this sorted’ . He managed to do so EVERY time. This was one of the most rewarding, informative, and successful adventures I have ever been on.

That is due in large part to Juan’s make us feel like we were his only focus for 10 days. Came apprehensive, left feeling like family . When we arrived in early July 2018, he had literally been hunting over 100 days in a row. Juan managed to make us feel like his first safari of the season. We had great success with high quality trophies for both myself and my hunting partner. We truly felt like friends early in the hunt. His ability to judge the animals in the field was astounding, always helping us shoot mature trophy quality animals. We certainly had a budget, Juan managed to help us take the animals we wanted within budget. He is an excellent PH extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the hunt. Meeting Juan and his lovely children is certainly at the top of the list for this adventure. Should not fail to mention Ruby, his tracking dog. She spent many evenings with us around the campfire after making sure all game was recovered. We certainly endeavoured to make her job easier. Looking forward to getting to hunt with Juan and his crew again in the future.

Thank you, Sir.

Greg Angel USA

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