Idube Safaris

The trip of a lifetime

Our SA safari trip was the trip of a lifetime. Meeting all our expectations does not even begin to describe our experience. Gert was so very attentive to our needs and seemed to just sense what they were. It is hard to put into words Gert’s demeanor when you are with him, whether hunting, back at camp eating, resting or just hanging out. He was always there – close by – but never hovering. He seemed to know what you wanted/needed before you did. Being an elderly couple with health issues, Gert was so very helpful just naturally. Treating people with curtesy and respect is just who he is. I can’t imagine our hunting Safari trip without him. I’m sure our Safari would have been very difficult if we had not been with a PH such as Gert.

To see and experience South Africa was indescribable. When asked about the hunting I tell people “Here in mid-west US we can hunt squirrels, rabbits, ducks, deer, deer and more deer. In SA there is so much variety of game that you have trouble choosing what to hunt.” And just to see them is such a thrill. Herds of Impalas, Wildebeest, Zebras, etc. go running past and just takes your breath away.

Mealtime was always an adventure – and wonderful with great food.

We were treated great from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we boarded for home. I do not have the words to truly describe our experience on our hunting Safari in SA and experience with Gert. We made a lifelong friend and consider Gert family.

(Sheila Banks)

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